Grant has spent his life in design and art/craft related business. On leaving university in 1971 he began working in leather and for 20 years he designed, manufactured and retailed leather goods in areas as diverse as furniture, footwear and fashion. He was editor of the Crafts Council magazine in the early 1980’s and concurrent with this exhibited mixed media works and sculpture with pieces now in various collections including that of the Danish Royal family. Following a shift to Marlborough in the late 80’s he created a wrought iron and design business and continued exhibiting.

In 1997 he moved to Auckland where he began a successful design and project management company specialising in retail fitouts. By 2011 he decided it was time to concentrate on painting and now when not travelling he paints out of a small studio in the village of Devonport. He works in a variety of mediums, but primarily in oils when settled, or watercolour when travelling.

“I don’t concentrate on any particular theme or subject but rather enjoy the act of painting and the ability to lose myself in the process. To take a blank surface and through the use of line and colour engage with a viewer is a very satisfying pursuit. To get stuck in a particular groove has never appealed to me. I find that life reveals more mystery and colour when you see beyond earnest idealism.”


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