The Found Object

I have chosen found materials in order to demonstrate that they can still be useful. The poverty of the material is not necessarily a symbol, rather it is a pretext for painting.

To find or invent objects from using these materials, which become relational structures giving a felt quality to satisfy the passions, I am constantly placing and displacing, relating and breaking relations with the use of mass and linear, tension and space, my task is to find a complex of qualities whose feeling is just right – veering toward the unknown and chaos yet ordered and related in order to be apprehended.

Myth must be kept alive.

The people who can keep it alive are artists of one kind or another. The function of the artist is the mythologization of the environment and the world.



1989 – 1990              Diploma of Horticulture, Lincoln University

1994 – 1996              Diploma of Visual Arts, School of Visual Arts, Nelson



2004                           James Wallace Collection

2005                           April-May, Artists in Residence, Parnell Community Trust, Parnell, Auckland


Solo Exhibitions

September 1991                              Chez Elco, Nelson

October 1997                                    Space Gallery, Christchurch

May 2000                                          Café Metro, Nelson

June 2002                                         Morrison Street, Nelson

August 2002                                     203 Gallery, Nelson

January 2003                                    Barrows Gallery, Martinborough

May 2003                                          Red Gallery, Nelson

December 2003                                Barrows Gallery, Martinborough

January 2004                                    C.O.C.A, Christchurch

February 2004                                  Whitespace, Auckland

May 2005                                          Whitespace, Auckland

January 2006                                    C.O.C.A, Christchurch

August 2006                                     Whitespace, Auckland

March 2007                                       Leftbank Gallery, Greymouth

April 2007                                          Palette Gallery, North Shore

May 2007                                          C.O.C.A, Christchurch

February 2008                                  Palette Gallery, North Shore

March 2008                                       Mobil Art Gallery, Auckland

November 2009                                Leftbank Gallery, Greymouth

January 2011                                    Leftbank Gallery, Greymouth

April 2011                                          Steve Fullmer Gallery, Tasman

January 2013                                    Kapa Gallery, Queenstown

February 2014                                  Art Hotel, Westport

October 2014                                    Leftbank Gallery, Greymouth

January 2015                                    Art Hotel, Westport

September 2016                              Art Hotel, Westport

Group Exhibitions

November 1996                                Suter Gallery, Nelson

December 1998                                Atmosphera, San Jose, Costa Rica

August 2003                                     Idiom Gallery, Wellington

September 2003                              C.O.C.A, Christchurch

August 2004                                     Reflections Gallery, Nelson

March 2005                                       Man-Yung Gallery, Melbourne

June 2005                                         C.O.C.A, Christchurch

January 2007                                    Leftbank Gallery, Greymouth

March 2007                                       C.O.C.A, Christchurch