I’ve always been creative with wood, metal, glass and paints, being able to visualize an idea in my head and then create it.  I’ve always been fascinated with copper and brass creations in space movies; movies based around the 1800s to 1900s, like “The Time Machine”.
I like to use recycled materials for all my creations with the odd new piece that I can’t find second hand.

For family and friend’s birthdays, I’ve been making small to large lamp creations, Spiders with webs, Model engines, a 30cm long chopper motorbike, A 3½ kg V8 Ute truck (right down to its oil and fuel lines), to a large music themed “Displayer Cabinet”.  A friend was having a “Steam-Punk” Party and I asked if I could make him a gun – this started me creating these weapons with plenty more to come out of my mind and workshop.


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