Susan Skelton's approach to art making is a vibrant one, where colour and texture play a key element in the energy expressed in her artworks.

“I just love painting.  I try to capture my passion for strong fluid colour by pushing the boundaries of paint tolerance to create explosions of colour and shape on paper or canvas.

I am inspired by so many things; from the drama of stormy clouds, through to the beauty of the female form.  I am also inspired in how different mediums, paper and brush strokes can have such an impact on drawing you into a painting.”

Susan picked up a paint brush in 2006 and simply began to teach herself about the world of art and is still learning.  Susan lives in Upper Hutt where she has a small studio.   “I love nothing better than to go into my studio, shut the door, turn on the radio (loud), and paint.”

Susan has been represented in a number of galleries in New Zealand and has sold many pieces to international buyers.

Sara Paintings

Susan Skelton